Farrington is the story of a family who is, simply put, passionate about wine!

Their story begins in 1961 when Margaret Farrington’s husband passed away.

She was left with a farm to manage and 4 young children. She was a successful farmer winning numerous awards for the wine she produced.

Through all of the ups and downs, one thing remained unchanged, the last Sunday of every month was always reserved for family and friends to gather round and share stories, good wine and great food.

It is very much due to the foundations she laid that her son and grandson have been able to build on her legacy and establish one of the most prominent wine farms in the Western Cape.

These wines are best shared with friends and family – we hope you enjoy them as much as we loved creating them.


Every bottle of Farrington Wine has an integrity and sustainability seal displayed on the capsule.

This seal is certified by the Wine and Spirit Board of South Africa, and is a guarantee of the wine’s origin, variety and vintage as displayed and stated on the wine label.

This seal also confirms that Farrington Wines complies with the IPW (Integrated Production of Wine), a voluntary environmental sustainability certification program that recognises winemakers who pursue integrated, environmentally-friendly production practices with the aim of reducing their agricultural footprint.

Farrington Wines is proud to be compliant with the IPW.


Farrington Wines is dedicated to providing opportunities for our employees, to improve their lives and for them to reach their highest potential, while adding value to the surrounding community.

We are constantly working towards improving the quality of life of employees on the farm as well as of their children;

A crèche was established along with an after school program which offers the children homework support and aftercare facilities.

A feeding project for at-risk children has also been implemented, along with a community vegetable garden.

Life skills and skills development programs are also offered on the farm, with programs covering a variety of areas such as;

  • First Aid
  • Literacy
  • Pruning Course
  • Health Education
  • Alcohol Abuse Awareness

With the majority of our grape picking  done by hand, we are also able to help create employment opportunities within the local community.


Best shared with family and friends.

Our Family Favourites

Farrington Family Recipes

Roast Butternut Soup
Malva Pudding


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